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Everything you Need to Know About Hand Tufted Rugs and Carpets

Pros and Cons of a Hand Tufted Carpet

  • hand tufted Carpets have come a long way since they have been in production. It used to be very prohibitive to produce these carpets as the final weight, due in part by the heavy glues used, would add too much to the transport and importation costs. But what are the facts behind these rugs? Are they better, just as good, or less in quality than an oriental (hand knotted) rug? Learn more about Tufted Rugs Vs. Oriental.

How Can I Tell if my Rug is an Oriental Rug or Other? Hand Made/Tufted/Machine Made

  • Use this entry to assist in answering questions you may have regarding the identification and differentiation between hand knotted, hand tufted and machine made carpets. 

Our Rug Smells!

  • It is not unusual for a new carpet to have a slight odor for the first several days. Remember, you are bringing a large item made of organic matter into your home, perhaps into a small room with little ventilation. Carpets are sometimes treated with a moth repellent to prevent infestation, particularly if they have been in storage or in a showroom location.


Washing a hand Tufted Rug?!?!?


Hand Tufted Rugs: White Residue and Powder Explained


Q&A: How to Recycle Hand Tufted Rugs?



Take a look at the Largest Hand Tufted Rug!



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