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Evangeline Lily Gets Cozy

 Evangeline Lilly on an Agra Black
Evangeline Lilly on an Agra Black from the Ashara Collection

Evangeline Lilly is best known for her role as Kate on the show "Lost". As part of karastan's "Make a statement. Your own." ad campaign, Lilly talked with an interviewer about her life as well as her home. Similar to Mariska Hargitay interview, Lilly really proves she is worthy of the campaign. Throughout the interview Lilly shows that she is a very strong and independent person who is very caring. She describes her bedroom as her sanctuary and notes that she has a vintage shag rug (her personal favorite). Her design style for her Hawaii bungalow is "eclectic" and was furnished from things she purchased at the Salvation Army. Evangeline spends a good amount of time on Hawaii filming for "Lost" yet her bungalow is "...really simple,and it's really, really humble."

Lilly says that she went to a local rug shop to pick out one that she liked, but didn't find one that fit her style. Then she came across some wall to wall carpeting that she fell in love with. Evangeline had the carpet cut and added a fringe to make it a custom area rug. " was pretty critical to the rest of the room because I had learned that when you begin to decorate a room, you start with the floor. You work your way up from that foundation of color and pattern." Excellent advice and we always suggest starting with the floor.

Ms. Lilly also talks about how color can change when you add different things to the room. "Before I got into the room, I thought it (the rug) was a limey green. But once it was in the room, it looked more brown or gold." She says it took some time to get everything looking right, but now considers her room the only room in the house that "really is together and works. It's great." We are glad Evangeline took the time out from playing in the jungle to talk about her appreciation for rugs and interior design, and would like to welcome her to the carpet world! 

Livorno Carpet
Evangeline Lilly on a Livorno carpet from The Aria Collection


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