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Emerson, Lake and Palmer Rug

Greg Lake, of the awesome 70's trio Emerson, Lake and Palmer is seen in the video below jamming out on what appears to be a Persian Rug from the Qum, Iran region. Qum rugs often are not often identifiable by design as they tend to be among the more flexible in designs.  However, hunting scenes such as the one seen here are among the more distinct motifs which Qum seems to produce a higher volume than other areas in Iran.  While we aren't 100% sure this is a silk rug, a very fine example with excellent design and very high knot count made entirely of silk in the typical 4'6" x 7' size usually sell anywhere from $4,000 to $14,000 at a retail showroom depending on age, and other characterisitcs.
When asked about the rug, Greg has said "I don't know whether you've ever noticed that I wear plimsolls on stage, which cuts down the chances of an electric shock. The carpet's there for the same reason. Altogether it means I'd still feel it, but I wouldn't die. Also it means it's like you're playing at home every night, almost in the same surroundings - which is nice. When I decided to buy a carpet I thought I might as well get one that was worth something. To be honest I never thought anybody would notice it." Interesting to hear why he was on a Persian Rug, and it seems this could explain why other artists, such as the Grateful Dead choose to play on Perisan Rugs as well. He not only uses the rug to prevent being electrocuted, but also as decoration to make him feel at home, as he still has it in his London home.
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Greg Lake on his Persian Rug
Greg Lake on his Persian Rug

Greg Lake's Persian Rug
Greg Lake's Persian Rug

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Still You Turn Me On

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