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Eastern State Penitentiary Scarface Cell ESP


A few months back a good friend and I went to Eastern State Penitentiary in philadelphia, PA.  While on Rug Rag we wouldn't ordinarily post about ESP, it's about that time of year when people start talking about Halloween and haunted locations. Well, that...  And some time ago we did write an article about Al Capone's Cell in ESP.  Apparently 'scarface' did have a fair amount of leverage even when in jail.  According to records, guards 'allowed' him to have some pretty fancy oriental rugs.

So, here's a photograph of Al 'Scarface' capone's cell as represented when we visited... While the carpet below appears to be a machine made carpet in the Art Deco/Peking fusion variety, it is widely accepted Capone had some true hand knotted rugs.  What they were, we have yet to see original images, although it's said this arrangement is in the spirit of how his cell once was.

Capone's Cell


And a few extra photographs for those of you who are interested in this dilapidated structure which many have come to recognize as one of the Northeast's most haunted locations.

Eastern State Red Barber Chair

Above:  The infamous 'Barber Chair'

Sapling in ESP

Above:  ESP is recognized as a national 'ruin.'  There are signs here and there of nature overriding preservation.

Pistachio Paint, ESP

Above:  Layers, upon layers of paint.  Like the Pistachio paint!

Stone Wall, ESP Philly

Eastern State Watchtower

Above:  One of several intimidating watchtowers on premises.

Creepy ESP

Buttresses in ESP

Above:  Exposed wooden buttresses.

Switch in ESP

Above:  A heavy duty switch located in one of the newer buildings.

Cells in ESP

Above:  Bars, bars and more bars.

ESP Light Switch


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