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Duck and Cover, Inflation is Out of Control!


'Boy O Boy,'   It's a tough market out there we tell ya!  So much for purchasing a synthetic tourist novelty machine made prayer rug in this economy.

$150,000 just doesn't go as far as it used to. Just last week the rug below could have been acquired for $149,983.01 less.

Tour Rug


Unless of course you find a detour:

prayer rug

So what accounts for this discrepacy?  Is shipping that expensive?  Maybe it's the Magical Thain Carpet?  Was it taken to space with Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata?  Okay, Okay....  We're really bad at guessing. 

We can thoroughly respect every rug collector has that one "retirement" piece they never want to part with.  It's just the nature of having a passion for rugs.  Otherwise, it's always important to bear in mind there lies a 'price ceiling' (as RugPro says) for otherwise heavily commercialized rugs.   Don't get Rug Burn!



For expired listings, compare the two:

Expensive Rug Inflation-Rug-Expensive.jpg (729.27 kb)

Cheap Rug Inflation-Rug-Cheaper.jpg (646.89 kb)


Submitted by a Ruggie Friend ;-)

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