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Droog Rag Chair by Tejo Remy


The Droog Rag Chair by Dutch "green" designer, Tejo Remy, is a one of a kind, fully customizable chair made up of old clothing. The chair is the idea of Tejo Remy and is designed for Droog, which is a design company based in the Netherlands. You can send in your own clothes for the design or you can allow the company to use their own. The chair weighs about 55 pounds and is held together with metal straps. The dimensions are 60 x 60 x 100cm and will ship in 8 to 12 weeks. We love the idea of recycling and reclaiming lost objects to be reused in creative ways, but we think the price tag of approximately $4,300 is a bit much!
Droog Rag Chair
 Did you catch that?  $4,300 for a Rag Chair.  No wonder this guy below is sitting hunched over with head in hands!
Three Droog Rag Chairs

Yes, going "green" certainly has environmental benefits and coming from an artist with work featured in MOMA comes at a premium.  Perhaps a statement of value with emphasis on recycling:  Going green may include resourcefulness and creativity, but is also priceless?  Perhaps we're just sitting on too many material items?

We could spend all day evaluating the essence behind such a creation, but our opinion is the following:  At least make it comfortable!  Where are the armrests?

P.S. While we support artists, we do think this is a neat idea but just a tad bit out of most budgets...  So here's the ~ $125 DIY kit from
 Strapping Kit

1/2 Inch Poly-Strap Kit


Bag O'Clothes by the Gallon



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