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Don't Forget to Shampoo Your Persian and Oriental Rugs Before Storing Them!

It's not unusal to need to store your oriental rug for an extended periods of time.  Don't worry, it won't take it personally: Unless of course you don't store it properly...  Maybe you just rolled the rug up for a party and forgot about it.  Or possibly you moved and the rug didn't really fit with the new decor.  Either way, there are certain things to remember before leaving the rug unattended for too long a period of time. 

Here are some of the most common mistakes which are made:

Failure to wash the rug prior to storageSee such example on Dr. Khosrow Sobhe's website!  moths are drawn to dirty wool, or stains which have not been treated.  It's important to consider having your Oriental Rug hand washed/shampooed by your local dealer prior to storage.  Even if you think the rug may not be worth it, consider some of the other wool items in your house!   No matter howtightly you think you wrapped your rug, moths can and will enter.

Storing the rug in a high humid place such as a garage or basement.  An unbelievable amount of customers have told us and shown us carpets which have been ruined by improper consideration of proper storage environment.  This includes carpets which had been left unattended for extended periods of time in both basements and garages in particular, which have resulted in dry rot, mold, mildew, moth infestation, and any number of combinations including the previously mentioned.

Incorrect wrapping Wrapping a wool rug requires care and attention most wouldn't expect.  Prefereably, you should call upon your local Oriental Rug Specialist to wrap your rugs for you.  This is for two reasons: (a) they have the know how and resources to do so properly and carefully (e.g. large paper, Tyvek, etc.)  (b) as a consumer, it is far easier and economical to have your local retailer moth guard your rug with moth flakes. 

Allowing too long a period of time to pass before checking on the rug.  Continue to check on your rug regularly.  Do not leave your rug for several years without checking on it's condition.  An Oriental Rug should be opened up at a maximum of 18 months for replenishing moth crystals.  Preferably, a careful eye will check on the rug every month or so visually.  This will help to ensure that the rug is free of major infestation as well as noticing the environment the rug is being stored in.


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