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Design: Execution and Mapping

design execution is a function of a properly matched design and knot count, as well as proper shearing height.  Although similar designs can be expressed in both a coarse and high knot count, there can be an excessive loss in detail when a design is more intricate than the quality can express.  Conversely, and less frequently the case, a rug can be woven more finely than the design requires. 

More recently, coarsely knotted rugs often receive less shearing (high pile) which can extend the rug's longevity.  However, a higher pile can reduce overall pile detail as the yarn tips tend to be wider when the pile height is taller.  Finely knotted rugs can be sheared thinner than more coarsely knotted rugs, making the end result finer in detail.  With finer knots, the wool is often of a higher quality, and the detail can still be captured even when the shearing is very close to the foundation of the rug as knots density is higher.

The samples below are representations of what your rug would look like from the reverse side.  Detail of design will vary on the face of the rug depending on pile height and wear.

Coarse KPSI Reverse Side 

The design as shown above is made to represent a carpet measuring approximately 9 knots by 9 knots or 81 kpsi.  Note how the design is somewhat coarse and more primitive than executed below in a tighter weave.

Tighter Weave Reverse 

The image above represents a rug or map of approximate 15 knots by 15 knots or 225 KPSI.  Notice how the design flows smoothly, with more detail than the top rendition.

The photographs below (Iranian Heriz circa 1950's) show how a carpet design is mapped out prior to weaving.  In instances of a quarter map, the carpet designer only needs to make one quarter of the carpet's design due to the symmetry of the rug.  Corners 1 and 4 are an identical pair.  Corners 2 and 3 are identical pairs as well.  The designer makes one quarter of the design, which is a perfect match for two opposing corners, and then the same design is read backward to produce the mirror image.

Heriz Serapi Design Quarter Design Rug 

In instances of a half mapped carpet, the design is approached in more thoroughly.  One could say there is twice as much (if not more) design work needed to produce a half mapped rug than a quarter mapped rug.  The image below is of a pakistani prayer rug circa 1990. 

Pakistani Persian Prayer Carpet 

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