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Rag Rugs have been made for many centuries using old linens to create usable floor coverings. 

Not too long ago, we stumbled upon this Craigslist Poster in Texas who created a Rag Rug from 3 of his "ex's most prized shirts, including an old school Beastie Boys shirt."  According to the poster, the break up with a girlfriend "left me nearly pennyless" and is even willing to accept swaps for this round Rag Rug....  There's just one catch: The new owner must vow to "abuse this rug... Put it under your cats litter box.  Hang it on the wall and throw offensive things at it." 

Rugs are meant to take abuse, but this is a pretty unusual situation of specific creation for destruction.  On the upside, perhaps this will be the best beat the Beastie Boys pick up since BEFORE "Hello Nasty."



Funny Craigslist Post

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