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Craigslist Kerman Rug

Ouch!  Information may come from may be from improper advisement, so no offense to the seller, but there is some severely overstated information and attribution for this Kerman Rug listed on Craigslist:

KPSI Kerman Rug



We do commend the seller for showing this photograph.  While to some this image may not say much, however, we can tell that it is most probably a hand knotted oriental rug judging by the knot arrangement, weft and warp which peek through the back.  Additionally, we can get a better idea of the knot density, which appears to be in the vicinity of 225 KPSI.  There also appears to be some overcasting work at the top of the image.  This would be an indicator of some post-use repairs: It's somewhat uncommon to find a Kerman Rug of this vintage to have such technique implimented from the weaver. We get into this in a bit






"American" Kerman from Iran




However, the seller stated that this example is "well over 100 years old."  We beg to differ!  If this is what we think it is, we place it as a typical Mid 20th century hand knotted [American] Kerman Oriental Rug from Iran.  A few quick indicators specific to this piece include the design which has a heavy implication of "American" demand, in addition to the colors used and design execution as well.







Kerman Rug




As seen in the photograph, the carpet is missing a fair amount of one end.  To most rug dealers in the industry, this would equate to a very substantial reduction to value.  Size is noted size as 6'x9', and appraisal is stated as $4,800.00.  Even for replacement cost/insurance, we are very confident it would be highly unlikely for a reputable "appraiser" to provide such a figure. 


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