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Country of Origin

You may have landed on this page in reference to our Rug Estimator Pro.

Among the many factors which influence the value of a carpet, country of origin and even region of weaving does play a heavy role. 

Outside of having our staff review your rug, or bringing suggested photographs to our Rug Forum, the most reliable determination of a rug's origin is to check the reverse side for identification or tags.  If the carpet came with original paperwork, this too may help further attribute and identify.  There are, however, less reputable sellers which may pass off a rug as something it is not, such as Chinese Reproductions of Hereke or Qum Rugs.  Be careful out there! 

For purposes of the rug estimator pro, if you remember being told the rug was made in "X" "Y" or "Z", go ahead and input this information.  Please  note, stating a rug is a "Persian design" does not necessarily qualify it as a Persian (Iranian) weaving. You should also be aware that even if a rug is Persian, this alone does not necessarily brand it as rare or valuable.

As you can see in the example below, this rug has an inventory tag which states "Made in Iran."  Other information states the rug is a "Fine Ghum silk."  Ghum (sometimes spelled Qum, Qom, Ghom, etc.) is a city in Iran, which is further confirmation of origin. However, true identification should be evaluated in person, or using methods such as online review.

Quick ID for country of origin

As a side note, should a dealer not have information readily available on country of origin, be wary when purchasing.  This lack of information is less than acceptable as the seller may be attempting to pass a machine made rug as hand knotted, or alluding to the idea that the rug may be of Persian origin.  This is a deceptive strategy some sellers use as many novice buyers perceive Persian rugs to have a higher value which is not necessarily true! Check with our standards for Online Rug sellers.

For additional information or one on one assistance please refer to our Rug Forum.

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