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Don't judge the rug as looking "good for its age."  Assess the condition with these guidelines, and let the Estimator Tool do the work!  Do not take the word of a seller stating the rug is in "perfect" condition.  From the standpoint of appraising your rug, it is best to be conservative in assessing condition.  SEE BOTTOM FOR DETAILS

Excellent - Brand new like the day it was made.  A carpet in excellent condition may have slight creases which need a steaming or residue from moth flakes having been in storage.  Overall, the rug is in BRAND NEW with absolutely no signs of use under very close inspection!

Good - Shows wear on fringe and maybe slight signs of traffic. pile height must be very even with little to no variance.  Very small rewoven areas (repairs less than 3"x3") are acceptable - but no patchworkovercasting is OK for old rugs.  The carpet must not have been reduced on either of the sides.  When standing directly above the rug, it shows well.  Any reduction in length cannot go further than the first guard border. (A guard border is the final border or the starting border, depending on whether it is the top or bottom of the rug.)

Fair - Shows OK from 10 feet, however, the rug has a slight unevenness in some areas of the pile or very small permanent stains.  Knot-heads OK, but very little foundation should show.  May have a good repair here or there.  No patchwork, no serious stains, no "markering" (on the face of the rug), no dry rot, no pet stains.  Slight reduction in length and width OK, as long as all other aspects of the rug are "fine."

Poor - Carpet shows foundation here and there, possibly some poorly done patchwork.  From 15 feet away, you can see the rug has had better days.  This rug may have visible problems as well as hidden structural problems.  Pet stains (recent and old), dry rot, heavy staining, moth damage, "markering" and odor will automatically place a rug into "Poor" condition category or less.

Very Poor - Carpet has little life left as a rug.  May be better off as a fragment. 

Remember, if your rug has any pet stains, patchwork (repairs), dry rot, holes, odor, mild, mold or has been augmented with magic markers on the face, it should automatically be placed in the "Poor" to "Very Poor" condition categories.  Carpet reduced in width should be recorded as being in "Fair" condition at best! 


Please note!  the rug below is an example of a carpet which has been reduced in both length and width.  Although there is a border, floral bouquets in spandrels and middle are incomplete.  For purposes of the rug estimator pro, this carpet should be noted as "fair" condition at absolute best.

Red Aubusson Rug

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