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Color run

color run is not unusual in certain types of rugs. Often, color run occurs due to the over-saturation of a certain color, or poor dye quality.  If a carpet with this over-dyed color is washed, excess colors have a tendency to "run."  Look for vague outlines / tones of the original color in adjacent fibers.

Use the selections in the Rug Estimator Pro to assess how color run may or may not apply to your oriental rug.  Remember, almost any color can run whether the yarn was chrome or vegetable dyed!

Green arrows showing color run/migration

How do I tell if my carpet has color run?

Color run is often more noticeable on the face of the rug from the dark side.  Looking into the dark side of a carpet will yield deeper truer colors as less light is reflected.  On the reverse side of your carpet, knots are wrapped tightly, and therefore tend to absorb less water and release less dye.  Conversely, the wool or fiber toward the upper part of the pile is wrapped much more loosely, and often the trimming enables the tips of the wool to bloom.  Because these fibers are less tightly wrapped and have more surface area, they will tend to release and absorb more water, and therefore, potentially over-saturated dyes or poor quality dyes as well.  Color run looks similar to the rug shown above: there will be a vague hint of [usually] darker colors running into the lighter areas.  Note that some areas appear to have heavier run than others. It seems that the most commonly over-dyed colors are those in the red, blue and green families, although this is mostly due to the heavier coloring needed to attain these shades.

For additional information or one on one assistance please refer to our Rug Forum.

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