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Collector Rugs Outside of Persian Carpets?


'Matisse' Rug Circa 1950Sure, good 'ole Rya Rugs have made their timeless staple in the 'modern rug' world.  More specifically, how about when the overlap of when Modern Painters and Carpets occurs?  No, not paint on the rug.  We're talking about the duality of modern collector rugs and known artists.

Take for example a recent find on Chicago Sun Times:  A unique carpet produced and overseen by Henri Matisse as seen to the right.  It's just 3' x 5', but replacement value is estimated to be around $3,500 or roughly $230+ per square foot!  Some attic find if you ask us.  Collectibility for such a piece has two audiences of appeal: Those who appreciate and see rugs as art, and those who appreciate Modernism.

There are many examples out there from multiple artisits.  EGE Axminister produced a line of rugs which featured painter inspiration, influence and direct control input as well.  Even Momeni features a Pollock inspired rug too.  Keep a good eye out!


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March 11. 2009 21:15

Khosrow Sobhe

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Khosrow Sobhe

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Khosrow Sobhe

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