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Chuck "Iceman" Liddell on MTV Cribs: RugRag Reviews Oriental Rugs of the Rich and Famous

Sitting at the end of a cul-de-sac, this crib is pretty sweet from the outside.

Chuck Liddell's House with Hummer, Ferarri F430, Ford F-150

Swinging open the big red door below is the man himself, Charles David Liddell, born December 17th, 1969.   

Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell, Former UFC Champion

A short introduction through the vestibule, Chuck speaks somewhat of a house in the middle of needing some interior design.  Shown below is a sitting area just outside of the entry way.  Outside of the screen are some big comfy looking leather sofas, on the floor as seen below is what appears to be a 5x8 seagrass (sisal) area rug with standard 2" fabric cloth binding.  Sisal rugs aren't particularly well known for their comfort, but certainly are great rugs in that they're fabricated using, for the most part, a renewable resource.

Liddell's Vestibule with Sisal Area Rug

A quick swing of the fridge door, and there's no keeping this fighting champion back from swigging down a heavy dose of hot sauce.  Take a look at the left hand side of the photograph below: Most bottles seen on the lower shelf are hot sauces.   

The Iceman drinks Tabasco

Diet of Champs: Liddell's Hot Sauce Collection

The Game Room upstairs (as pictured below) has a stripper pole square and center in the room.  On the right hand side is a custom pool table The Iceman claims he's doesn't use much.  Out of sight on the left hand side are two old school pay and play machines, one is Street Fighter 2, another is a Sport Station.  Straight back and centered is a Concept 2 rowing machine Liddell says is great for kicking it into high gear. 

The Iceman's stripper pole, rowing machine, pool table and home arcade 

Liddell's home office had a two screen computer.  Art as seen below are prints and paintings sent to him by fans.  Cool.

Original art and painting sent by fans of The Iceman

Sitting on one of Liddell's desks was this ESPN magazine he's really proud of...  Chuck and his son.

Chuck Liddell and his son on ESPN magazine

Upstairs is a gigantic LCD tv used for any one of three entertainment systems, including a playstation, wii and xBox 360. 

Liddell and his home entertainment system of Playstation, Xbox and other

Below is the bedroom, Chuck said the bedframe was one of the first purchases he made once his career started up. 

Liddell's Bedroom with wall-to-wall carpeting

Outdoors, Liddell has quite a yard.  Big pool, BBQ area with Viking Grill, a hot tub, and a waterfall trickling back into the pool.

Outdoor swimming pool with waterfall

A stride back to the front yard, Liddell shows off his Hummer H2, which was a gift when winning the UFC Championships.

Hummer H2, custom for the UFC Champion himself

Custom stitched into the headrests are the authentic UFC logo. 

Stitching on Hummer's Headrest

Nex to to the champagne colored hummer was this black Ford F-150 Lariat 5.4 Triton.  Lift kit, off road wheels and the works: mean machine. 

Lifted Black F-150 Triton

And then, finally, for one of the quickest dudes on the canvas, a silver Ferrari F430.  Just look at the art under the trunk glass.  

Chuck's Ferrari F 430 Motor under Glass

Liddell turns the F430 motor below as he heads off with his girlfriend Erin.  Great day for a ride, and the end of this mtv cribs episode.

Liddell and his Girlfriend take off in the Ferrari



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