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Commercial Chinese 90 Line Oriental Rugs and Carpets

Commercial Production for 90 Line rugs and carpets peaked mainly during the late 1970's to the mid 1990's when demand soared as trade with China opened up.  Such qualities they are still being made today in much lesser volume.  These rugs are made in China, woven using solid quality wool pile on cotton foundation.  Although some artificial silk and true silk 90 line Chinese rugs exist, there are very, very few. 

"Line" actually refers to the knot density, however almost synonymous with this quality measure is the word "thick".  These rugs push almost 5/8" high, sometimes even more.  This higher pile height permits the special production techniques of: embossing and "carving" the wool.  The embossing is used to accentuate certain design elements or motifs by giving them a three dimentional feel with a pile height greater than surrounding designs. 

Low to Medium Investment Range:   CONTACT US using our internet form or e-mail ( for a list of Reputable dealers selling this special genre of rug.

90 Line carpets are almost always one of three designs.  1: Peking/traditional Chinese motif.  Often you may see an endless knot in the center of the rug, or some ornate vase decorations in the field with stray eucalyptus leaves woven in the border with butterflies. 2: Aubusson designs (derived from original French Aubusson carpet designs) which typically feature large oblong shaped medallions, and floral motif.  And finally, 3: Modern designs.  It's interesting to note between all three of these previously mentioned designs is their similar stylized tone.  The type of carpet is very distinct, thick, and the interpretation of all three designs all have similar feel as design elements are similar, and colors used are often very close as well.  Colors used are predominantly pastel in nature, although bold contrasting colors using Chinese Power colors such as black and red exist as well.

How to identify a 90 Line Chinese?  "Coarser" knot count, triple or quadruple yarn ply and, typically, a 2" woven apron (or "kilim") with a knotted, finished fringe.



One or more example(s) photographed above courtesy Dilmaghani & Co. from the inventory of their NY Rug Outlet, Oriental Rug Warehouse or NY showroom of Oriental Rugs 

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April 22. 2009 11:26

curtis carter

I have a early 80's 90 line rug, chinese style carved,,,black background, mauve/peach/ light green designs..

I was wondering what the approximate value is for it today, have they appreciated or held value?? I'd like to sell it.

curtis carter

April 22. 2009 12:39



Thank you for writing in.

We would be more than happy to provide information about this rug either as a blog entry for the public to view on our homepage, or you may register for our Oriental Rug Forum for multiple input. The forum is free to use and register.

If you are looking for information about value, we ask you submit specific photographs number 1-6 on this page. For 90 Line chinese, we'll especially need to see if the pile is blooming, and whether the rug has any stains, or other conditional concerns.

Photos 1-6:


Please do include size in feet and inches.

Looking forward to providing additional info!

All the best,

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April 30. 2009 02:44

Anna Scott

I was just thinking about Commercial Chinese 90 Line Oriental Rugs and Carpets and you've really helped out. Thanks!

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Anna Scott

June 10. 2009 09:36

Pat Lofthus

I have a number of dark green Chinese rugs of 90 or 120 line (no backing fabric, etc.)that I bought in the late 80's or early 90's. I have been looking for another one, but have been unable to find one. Used would be fine if I could find one. Could you help me?
Thank you!
Pat Lofthus

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Pat Lofthus

October 3. 2009 14:44

Consolidated Sales

Hi Pat, I have a 6 x 6 Chinese 90 line round with fringe from 1989 or 90 that I am looking to sell.

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