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Bush's $62,000 Oval Office Tufted Carpet

It doesn't take much for President Bush to openly speak about the rug.  "You know an interesting story about the rug?" asked Bush, "Laura designed the rug."

As mentioned in the Guardian in an article by Matthew Weaver, November 5th, 2008, President Bush stated one of the first decisions any president makes is to choose a rug:  Either pick one, or design it themselves.  The oval office rug President Bush chose was one designed by First Lady Laura Bush, which is described as a sun burst pattern with the traditional seal of an American Eagle in the center holding arrows in one claw and olive branches in the other.

According to Nicolle Wallace, White House director of communications Bush “loves his rug," who apparently has talked about it numerous times.  As Bush was quoted in the Washington Post, "If you walk in that Oval Office, I think you're going to say, just like you know it, 'This guy's optimistic.' "

So how much did this rug cost?  In an article published January 28, 2001 by Julie V. Iovine of the New York times, some $100,000 is set aside by Congress for incoming presidents to use for refurbishments.  Some $62,000 was spent on this Oval Office Rug alone by President Bush!

The Oval Office measures approximately 36’ x 29’.  The rugs used to cover the floor are custom tufted.  The Carpet is said to remain in the oval office through the Presidency of Barack Obama.


Oval Office Sunburst design Carpet


The George Bush Sunburst Carpet design seen above (created by Laura Bush) is roughly based on the Reagan Sunbeam Carpet (seen below).

  Bush with the rug


"I Just Love That Rug" Says Clinton on The Bush Sunbeam Oval Office Carpet


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