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Where's George? Bush Family Finds a New Home in Dallas TX

8 Years in office and it's time to find a new home...

The Zillow estimator puts a hefty $2,000,000 estimate on 10141 Daria Place, Dallas TX, the new home officially announced as "acquired" by George Bush with some 8,500 square ft.  According to, taxes for last year alone were in the vicinity of $44,000 for 2008.

He'll need some Rugs!  Wonder if Laura Bush will design the rugs in home as she did for the Oval Office...  If so, hopefully she gets a better estimate from our Oriental Rug Estimator Pro, $62,000 was one heavy hit for a tufted carpet!

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The good thing is the Bush Family will have a few options for Area Rugs in Dallas, all within a 20 minute drive! 

For Rug Retailers who have not already signed up for Google Business, do so!  Take a look at this article for suggestions







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January 28. 2009 17:04


Not much of place compared to Tom Hick's 20+ acre spread just to the south

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February 26. 2009 20:01


send all your old tennis shoes to the above address.

I kept wondering how W would make it back to what he calls normal. He's sending Laura out as advance scout on the network news, reading his Kindle (if he can read - probably using audio), going to the hardware store. What are his next steps?

News at eleven....


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