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Before Inauguration, Obama Samples Blair House Carpets


Blair House Washington DC



In the nights before his Inauguration, Obama and his family keep the carpet company in the historic Blair House. The Blair house, built in 1824, is well know not only for its famous political guests, but also for its beautiful historic artifacts. It should be not surprise what in particular has caught our attention: the carpets. While The Jackson Palace Conference Room sported the only distinguishable carpet, a Fereghan Sarouk, we have a few keywords for some of the other inspiring Blair House carpets. 



Ferenc, Balázs and Bence Somogyi in Blair House on a Peking style carpet

Above:  Typical, traditional Antique Peking design Carpet.  The style is derived from carpets made around 1890-1915 just before the art deco movement.  These are the first carpets China made specifically (and quite successfully) for mass export destined for markets outside of China.  Check the Rug Rag Match for the Carpet Seen above

A Fereghan Sarouk (Ferahan)


Left: A Fereghan or Ferahan Sarouk Carpet with "Herati" border patterns.  Ferahan Sarouks are widely known as dense, solidly made carpets before and around the turn of 1900.  Take a look at the Rug Rag Match for a Ferahan Sarouk


Description as seen on Blair House Website:

"The central medallion and distinctive floral and herati border patterns—well drawn in deep blues, celadon green and ivory on dark red—of this very large Persian carpet indicate it was made in the vicinity of Sarouk (Saruq), a village to the west of Ferahan (Feraghan). Like other old rugs of its kind, this example is very finely knotted on cotton warp and has a short, firm pile." -Blair House Website





Believed to perhaps be an older Tabriz Carpet

Above:  Perhaps an older tabriz carpet from mid to late 19th century.  The carpet does show some wear.  We believe we also noted this carpet may have been replaced since this photograph above had been taken, although we're not entirely sure.


Blair House Oushak Carpet

Above:  A carpet with design and coloring similar to those from Turkey around the turn of 1900 known as Oushak or Ushak Carpets.  We believe this piece shown above may be a reproduction or "Oushak Inspired" newer, oriental rug. Check the Rug Rag Match for the Oushak Design Seen above


Colonial Block design, Perhaps an American Hooked Rug




Right: A traditional colonial block design.  Perhaps a hand hooked carpet.  This was a typical style floorcoving, available to the Americas long before far east imports became more regular.  A rug such as this would originally have been woven in many long sections and sometimes made in the home.  Today, colonial carpets echo a more casual but elegant atmosphere.












Blair House Home Page 




Block design carpet: 


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