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Becoming A Rug Rag Verified Seller of Authentic Rugs Verified oriental rug and Persian Carpet sellers must agree with the following:

Requirements for Verified Sellers*

1.  All photographs representing any given item(s) should be images of the actual carpet the end user will receive.  Using "stock photographs," or the same image for multiple items is not acceptable without a clear notation of such.

2.  Proper item Terminology and Representation: e.g. calling an Indo Sarouk a "Persian Rug" or "Sarouk Rug" is not proper attribution or representation.  Such items should be noted as "Persian Design," "indo-Sarouk," "Persian Inspired" or "Interpretation of a Sarouk."  Additionally, country of origin must be clearly stated in the item description.

3.  shipping & Handling fees should be "Industry & item appropriate."  Posting unjustifiably high shipping / handling fees is neither appropriate nor transparent. Shipping and handling should be reasonable and fair based on a formulas similar to the following: Shipping cost to furthest State within the Continental USA + handling / packing fee not exceeding 30% of projected shipping cost.  Insurance at carrier cost + 10% maximum.

4.  Proper Retail Value Representation.  There is a big difference between a Suggested Retail Price, and a grossly inflated Retail Price. Highly inflated "Suggested Retail Values" can severely skew a buyer’s ability to make an informed purchasing decision, and also says a great deal about a seller's prerogative. For details on what we consider fair “Retail Prices,” e-mail us directly with proof of ownership of a Rug Store and we will clarify with details.

5.  The Rug Rag Verification Service is a privilege, not a right.  Each rug Verified by Rug Rag goes through a panel review by our expert staff.  We reserve the right to clearly state discrepancies in item descriptions.  The goal of Rug Rag Verifications is to reinforce consumer confidence and reputable seller practices.  If a seller wishes to have our comment / notation in proportion to a “Fair Retail Market Value," such valuedetermination is at our sole discretion. Remember when listing: It is better to accurately describe an item and have it correlate with our assessment than to have a consumer submit it for verification and not be in congruence with statements in your description.

6.  No "fishing."  For many items sold on ebay, less reputable sellers use deceptive tactics we call "Fishing": This is when an unrealistically high "buy it now" price is assigned to an item, with the option to submit a "best offer."  This is a deceiving practice we frown upon.

7.  Clearly noted materials.  State foundation and pile fibers clearly.  If a rug with "silk" has not been burn tested or there is doubt to the authenticity of material, it should be noted that the "item has not been tested."  Mercerized Cotton/viscose, treated wool, rayon and other artificial silk materials have a very distinct way of reacting to a "burn test."  Passing an artificial (art. or faux) silk carpet as a "Silk Carpet" is deceptive and dishonest.

8.  No More than Double Attribution + Design Name. frowns upon "Keyword Hounds."  A rug which is improperly advertised with several or more name attributions which are not relevant to the rug at hand does a disservice to the industry, and dilutes the reputation of sellers.   e.g. Titling a pakistani peshawar with a Sultanabad Design a “Peshawar, chobi, Heriz, mashad, kashan, Herati, Sultanabad” would be improper.  However, a pakistani Peshawar with Sultanabad design Design may be called “Peshawar Chobi with Sultanabad Design.”

9.  Excellent Communication. In providing Verifications, there may be additional information we need to confirm with sellers.  We expect full cooperation and responsive communication is a must in the event we must contact seller.  We require sellers provide vital relevant information   such as origin, design, type of wash, if any, and accurate age attribution.

10. Clearly stated / noted condition.  For used items, vague terminology such as “Excellent Condition for its age” is not acceptable.  Details on pile height, post production alterations and any other relevant information to evaluating condition of a rug is integral.  Suggested terms for describing wear to used rugs: Threadbare, knot heads, corduroy, foundation etc.  Terms for repairs: Darning, patch, re-weave, shortened, chalked, painted.  Using accurate condition descripti

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