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BABY RUG! Tiny Oriental Rug, and it's NOT a Mousepad

An authentic baby rug measuring in at a mere 6"x4"!  Often used as table coasters, doll house rugs, or just fun ornamentation.  Every so often you see these sorts of rugs pop up at online auctions for a fairly low investment.  This is just one of a set of four.

6"x4" Mini Rug Coaster.  The Real deal, and 100% Hand Knotted!

As seen below, it's a pretty amazing feat.  This particular miniature uses symmetrical carpet knot (note horizontally, you can see both sides of the knot).  knot density in the vicinity of 135 KPSI with a double yarn ply.  Unfortunately, with smaller rugs like this, it's sometimes very difficult to pinpoint the exact origin due to the different distinguishing characteristics than those of significantly larger rugs.  However, we believe this may have been woven in pakistan or Afghanistan due in part by the type of wool which was used, knot style and orientation.  Note the purpleish weft running horizontally. 

2 Ply Yarn, Symmetrical knotted Doll House Rug

Miniature Pakistani Rug Pile Height


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March 1. 2009 08:49

Tony Jones

Where can I find the above oriental rug coasters....I bought 4 a few years back. I went back to purchase more and they were out. I even sent one to a company in California Paul Schaffer and he never sent it back. I'm looking for the 6" by 4" coasters like the one you have on here...Can you give me some direction.

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Tony Jones

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