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Ardebil Oriental Rugs and Carpets


One of the oldest and largest Persian rugs in existance is known as the "Ardebil Carpet" (sometimes spelled ardabil) which is currently on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  Since the mid-1600's when this rug is believed to have been woven, Ardebil carpets now carry somewhat of a different place in the oriental rug market.

Ardebil rugs and carpets are often made of wool woven on a cotton foundation, often sheered fairly thin.  Colors used are often bold, those of which would include red, white and royal blue.  Ardebil rugs are usually constructed with a fairly tight knot count, and integrate many different colors into the design.  Overall, the designs which are used tend to be more on the geometric side.  Often design elements which are included may feature snakes, peacocks, roosters, or some other woven interpretation of such animals.  Ardebil rugs often are found in sizes less than 7'x10'.

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Ardabil, Iran is located about 30 miles west of the Caspian Sea, in the northwest of Iran

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