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Arak Oriental Rugs and Carpets


Arak carpets take on a similar look to several other types of more familiar rugs.  One example of this would be the case of an American Sarouk.  As true Persian made american sarouk designs reached high demand, Arak began to create their own interpretations of these designs.  True American Sarouks were almost always over 100 kpsi, however Araks on the other hand are uncommon to find in qualities over 100 KPSI. 

Some of the more typical Arak colors include red, blue and white.  Arak rugs often feature repeat patterns with very small botehs (sometimes resembling a geometric "paisley" style design elements), and may sometimes feature medallions.

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Arak, Iran is located in the northwestern portion of Iran

Although a rug would be considered an Arak by all technical terms based on characteristics, it's not uncommon for a rug sellers to pass these rugs off as true Sarouks, which technically is not always the case.  While arak rugs do often feature great quality wool, and similar designs, they will often be seen in a much more affordable and lower price point than similar looking rugs.

Colors which are used often include reds and blues, qualities found are often slightly coarser, or what one might consider a medium or commercial grade.

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