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Antique Sultanabad Oriental Rugs and Carpets

 Antique* Sultanabad oriental rugs are Persian Rugs which are of 100 years or older.  Sultanabads often feature large scale prints, bold but slightly drier colors.  As opposed to some Persian rugs, Sultanabads often feature "drier" earthier toned colors which sometimes may be characterised as bold, yet not usually rich or deep in tone, although there are certainly exceptions to this.  antique sultanabads are usually wool piled, of medium knot count, of high investment value, and often found in unusual and oversize mansion and palace sizes.
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Sultanabad, Iran is located in the northeastern corner of the country


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Take a look at Antique Sultanabad Design Rugs up for bid on eBay!



*An antique Oriental rug or carpet is defined by the Orra (Oriental Rug Retailers of America) as a piece which meets or exceeds 100+ years of age.  This 100 year old rule reflects a more conservative evaluation, which is a nod to an old internationally accepted customs law.  To this day, most museums, reputable sellers and collectors alike will only consider an Oriental Rug as being "antique" if it is, in fact, 100 years or older.

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February 28. 2009 21:07

Dorothy Landry

I just fell in love with an 8 1/2 by 12 Sultanabad rug and would love to find out more information about these types. For example, how can I find out the circa of the rug and in small print on the bottom it also states 100% pure virgin wool from this a region?

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Dorothy Landry

February 28. 2009 21:15


Hello Dorothy,

Sounds like you may have a newer rendition of a Sultanabad design. Sultanabad is a Persian Rug, Anatolia would imply the rug you fell in love with :-) may be Turkish.

Please feel free to register for our Rug Rag Forum, post a few photographs like this:

Forum can be reached by going here:

Registration is free, and the information is great.



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