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About Rug Rag Verifications

What is a Rug Rag verification? 

A Rug Rag item verification reinforces that the item advertised is in fact a hand knotted Oriental Rug.  We also act as an independent 3rd party to assess each individual rug at hand, and confirm characteristics which the seller may claim when and where we can.  As a consumer, it's difficult to make informed choices with oriental rugs, even if it is directly in front of you.  Think of Rug Rag verifications as a way to make a more informed purchasing decision prior to ultimately clicking the "buy it now."  SEE EXAMPLE


How do I obtain a Rug Rag verification as a Seller?

If you believe you may qualify for our RRA program, follow this link and fill out the appropriate information. 


How do I obtain a Rug Rag verification as a Buyer?

Simply fill out the form on the What Is My Carpet Worth? page. 

Get Started with your Verification for Oriental Rug sellers: Steps 1-3


How much does a verification cost?

Simple verifications for hand knotted authenticity are free. Depending on the type of rug, amount of information requested, signature translation and several other factors, prices start at $10.


Why should I have a Rug Rag verification?

While our verification services are not fail-proof, they certainly will help the consumer make that much more of an educated purchasing decision.  We have several Oriental Rug experts on staff ready to assist customers on an individual level should questions arise. Many of the most notable (and common) problems we identify, the average consumer may not see: even if looking directly at it!  Use us when questioning the many sellers who offer their own "certificates" which often make exaggerated claims to "Retail Values." 


To read more about online Oriental Rug assessment, click here.


To read more about Suggested Retail Pricing, click here. 

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June 22. 2009 04:50

Zeiad Flouty

To whom it may concern,
I recently came into posession of Mohtashem Kashan carpet. Are you in a position to value it for me. It is also in need of some repair.
Are you in a position to repair.
If not, could you push me forward to someone who can help me with my requests.

Thank you

Kind regards

Zeiad Flouty

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Zeiad Flouty

June 22. 2009 13:25



Sounds pretty neat. Sounds like what you're describing as a signature may actually be a woven date.

If you have images, we suggest you register for our Oriental Rug Forum. It's free to use, and you should receive some good insight.

URL for Forum:

All the best,


August 12. 2009 15:16


Hi, I'm trying to determine value of Karastan Red Sarouk , pattern 785, excellent condition, size 2.10x5. Any ideas.

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August 12. 2009 16:19


Hi Sandy thanks for contacting. If you have questions about your Karastan rug I suggest you register and sign up for the Rug Forum.

It's free to use membership is no cost. All the best!


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