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2/1/08 Rug tip of the Day! Proper Knot Count

One common mistake when counting knots per square inch (KPSI) in an oriental rug is to count each individual Yarn Ply rather than an actual knot as a whole entity.  

Yarn is spun into one "staple," which although always is comprised of several dozen or more individual hairs, can also be combined with several other staples to make a multi-ply yarn.   When a carpet is then counted for kpsi, it can be easy for the novice to mistake a triple ply yarn as three individual knots.  This can throw off KPSI by a significant amount.  A carpet which has a two ply yarn and 100 KPSI (10 knots horizontally x 10 knots vertically) could theoretically be mistakenly advertised as 200 KPSI, or 20 knots vertically and 10 knots horizontally. 

Always take a careful look at how the yarn is spun in one individual knot.  Take a look at how to properly count knots in your rug. If there is ever any doubt, bring it to our rug forum!


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