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Hand Knotted Oriental Rug
Certificate of Authenticity

This Certificate is only valid for the unique one-of-a-kind rug matching the inventory number on the Certificate. Please make sure that the name of the seller and the inventory number match the item on the e-commerce site you make your purchase. This Certificate is just one tool, and we encourage you to use all available resources before making a purchasing decision.


Verified Characteristics

Based on the information provided by the seller, the experts believe the following characteristics about this rug to be accurate.

Authentic Hand Knotted Oriental Rug

Country: India

Yarn Ply: Maybe 1 or 2 Ply

KPSI: Knots Per Square Inch: Good 99-130 KPSI
Knot count measured using a standard US quarter which is slightly less than 1"x1". In the one sample area of the carpet, we measured 9 knots horizontal, 13 knots vertical, with approximate KPSI in the vicinity of 117.

Fibers: Wool pile & Cotton foundation

Age: 21 - 49 yrs

Merchant: TA
Inventory Number: 0101
Size: 9' 0" x 12' 0"
Link to Original Item
Certificate Date: 3/01/2010

This item is listed for $975.00 which is
  • Significantly Below
  • Somewhat Below
  • In Line With
  • Somewhat Above
  • Significantly Above
the average retail price for this type of rug.

Expert Notes

Authentic Hand Knotted Carpet from Pande Cameron of New York. Wool pile on cotton foundation. Check with seller on details of exact size and condition. No. 896924 Color REBL Design 9896 Genuine AGRIPPA

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This is a Certificate provided by as an independent third party reviewer. Characteristics verified are deductions made from photographs provided by the seller, or are an educated analysis determined by our expert staff. Should you have any questions regarding the attributions listed above, or wish to contribute to this verification, please send us an e-mail:

The information provided above is provided from experience of several or more experts in the field with a 'good faith effort' to accurately present, assess, or otherwise deduce with an educated analysis what the item is, or may be. Signatures/inscriptions and dates found in items are a frontal assessment only unless otherwise noted. Rug Rag is not responsible for ascertaining the seller of the rug is the actual owner. The item above may not have been inspected by Rug Rag in person. Rug Rag does not guarantee condition at time of sale. Other information about this rug, including problems, may not have been provided to If an asking price has been included in the verification, it has not incorporated any taxes, tariffs, duties or shipping costs to your door. Our evaluation of this rug is solely based on the piece identified in the certificate, any evaluation of subsequent charges which the consumer may incur is the responsibility of the buyer to assess.

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